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  1. Your name: Your Discord: His name: His forum uid/link: What is the problem: Proof: Other information you can provide:
  2. Name: Age: Skills: What do you like to do: Discord: Other: Short Description:
  3. Nibbles

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  5. This is the best OTC paste (Improved doubletap) Virustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/d4f071dc74236d13c21d9a7d6301f3790059ae8b03cbeb208e2f37570b258386/detection Download: [Hidden Content]
  6. Before you report someone, please fill this format correctly in a new thread in this section. remember that you should have clear evidence of the guy whom you're reporting. Format: Your name: Your discord tag and ID: Name of suspect: His discord tag and ID: Evidence/Proof: Information: